ARY Digital – Cheekh Episode 5

By: Sarmad Hayat

Episode 5 of ARY Digital’s drama serial Cheekh continued to engage the viewers with its intensity and suspense. Finally, the subtle hints and the clues are over and all the evidence is against Wajih (Bilal Abbas). The story has entered the next phase where it will be about Mannat’s (Saba Qamar) struggle to get justice for Nayab (which is the actual theme of the drama).

Wajih had realized that he was being highly doubted in the entire situation and he couldn’t stand it. He knew his bother Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) loved him and would do whatever it takes to save him. Wajih emotionally blackmailed Yawar by not having food and Yawar, out of his love, strictly told everyone not to question him then.

Police officer Amir (Nayyar Ejaz) finally revealed the complete statement of Nayab (which I think could be fabricated) and according to the statement, Wajih was the culprit. According to both Shariq and the servant Saleem’s statements, Wajih was talking to Nayab on the stairs and then they went to the first floor.

Mannat was shown talking to her husband Shayan (Emad Irfani) who was unhappy how the entire family was dragged into the situation. Shayan obviously couldn’t feel the intensity of the situation as he wasn’t there in person. It is clear now that Mannat will be fighting the battle all alone.

Overall, the amazing performances and the convincing story has engaged the viewers quite impressively. Saba Qamar is the star of the show and she brilliantly depicts the pain in the eyes of Mannat. Bilal Abbas was exceptional and I like his strong and fearless body language which was the character’s demand. So far the drama has delivered even more than the expectations and we couldn’t wait for the next episode.