Hum TV - Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Ep15

By: Sheheryar Shahid

The out and out entertaining drama serial Ranjha Ranjha Kardi completely amuses us with its latest episode. Because of its brilliant cast, the play has given us some iconic performances which will be remembered forever in the history of Pakistani television. The latest episode displays some important developments which have been handled well by the director.


Noori (Iqra Aziz) accepts Bhola (Imran Ashraf) and starts doing house chores happily, on which Rizwana (Munazza Arif) becomes insecure and complains to Nusrat (Kashif Mehmood) that Noori is doing all this for power. On the other hand, Noori starts educating Bhola about his life and how he has to manage his own chores and eventually Bhola begins doing all his work himself. Afterward, Komal (Ammara Butt) on her way to college with Bhola, is harassed and molested by his friends Shafeeq and Daar. Therefore, she gets frightened and shares with Noori by saying that she will quit college. However, Noori motivates her to continue college and subsequently, the following day Noori teaches the guys a lesson by hitting them badly and warns them to stay away from Komal.


The episode actually depicts the relationship building of Noori with all the home members, which of course does not offer that much but still manages us to entertain. I believe this play is a masterpiece, how exceptionally it has been penned down by the talented Faiza Iftikhar. Every episode provides us with something peculiar, something electric and tremendous. Talking about the performances, I think this play exclusively belongs to Imran Ashraf. He has sophisticatedly gotten into the character and his portrayal of every emotion is so right on dots. Whereas Iqra Aziz is also good in her role and, in this particular episode, we get a chance to see Noori’s totally new shade which is a treat to watch. Asma Abbas’s mere presence is enough to refresh our souls as she does justice to her character. Ammara Butt is perfect in her brief part and I believe Munazza Arif is going too monotonous and traditional, some new flavor must be added to make her look better. Moreover, Kashif Mehmood needs to focus on his acting skills. The story, despite being a typical one, is being presented wisely by director Kashif Nisar who keeps on raising our bar.