Geo TV – Romeo Weds Heer Episode 19

By: Sheheryar Shahid

The groovy entertainer Romeo Weds Heer returns with another episode bud sadly, it fails to meet up the expectations this time. In spite of the fact that the serial has been penned down by the legendary Dr. Younis Butt, it lacks potentiality in the execution process categorically.


Shahnaz (Saman Ansari) does not want to live with Heer (Sana Javed) in the future and eventually decides to shift Romeo (Feroze Khan) and Heer to a new house after their marriage. On the other hand, Hakeem Luqmaan (Firdaus Jamal) prints advertisements of his own medical store at the rear side of Heer’s marriage invitation cards and hence she gets upset with it. Moreover, Raja (Zia Gorchani) and Shahnaz also find it ridiculous and create a fuss about the wedding hall and immediately ask Romeo to make them change the venue for the ceremony. Afterward, Faryal (Michelle Mumtaz) comes to know about Romeo’s marriage and therefore reacts violently since she is in love with him. Even, the former’s father visits Romeo and asks him to change his mind and marry Faryal, but he refuses.


This episode does not offer anything at all except for some repetitive dialogues, overwhelming comic performances, and monotonous dragged plot. Honestly, the drama serial suffers from bad direction. The scarcity of proximity between the scenes makes this episode even more dull and tedious. The overloaded humor is also a factor which is contributing to making it an even lesser run-of-the-mill episode. The performances are unvarying and boring, especially Michelle Mumtaz’s miserable acting skills and horrible dialogue delivery is going to make you change the channel unintentionally.


Shafaat Ali over-performs in this episode yet again. Firdaus Jamal is wonderful in his character and his tread is out and out amusing. Ali Safina and Beena Chaudhary also make a short appearance and both the talented artists have been wasted successfully. Whereas, the rest of the cast assists in advancing the major narrative forward. The story is not being wisely tackled by the director, some scenes have been really childishly executed, like Nasreen’s “Teri Merbaani” scene is going to irritate you completely. The director Anjum Shehzad must focus on minor details like background movements of the actors, selection of correct background score and most significantly adding versatility to the scenes must be brought into focus. Overall, the episode brings forward nothing at all and can be given a miss.