Geo TV - Qaid Ep 11

By: Sarmad Hayat

Geo TV's  Qaid had nothing new to offer this week as the story kept revolving around how Reham (Zara Noor Abbas) was being treated in Sofia’s (Marina Khan) home. 
Reham’s friend Suboor (Nesha Abdullah Khan) was the only one who knew the truth and wanted to help her. She convinced another friend of hers to find out the story and intentions behind Aashir (Syed Jibran) and Reham's marriage. She was devastated to find that Aashir didn’t marry Reham out of his love, instead, he was taking his revenge.
Aashir’s cousin Farah (Maryam Ansari) along with her mother was trying hard to take control of everything and get Reham out of the scene so that she could marry Aashir. The only interesting part in the drama was when Aashir overheard Farah talking to her parents about the plan of making life hell for Reham. It could possibly make Aashir realize that Farah and her parents have some other plans.
Overall, the drama has lost its track. Slow paced episodes and continuous mental torture on Reham is getting boring now. I believe Qaid had the potential to keep the viewers engaged but slowly lost its momentum. Talking about the performances, Zara Noor Abbas is being brilliant with her flawless expressions. Syed Jibran, Maryam Ansari, Marina Khan, Gul e Rana, and Nesha Abdullah Khan are doing justice with their roles.
I hope the next episode will move the story further otherwise the stretched scenes and slow pace will eventually turn the drama into a disaster.