ARY Digital - Khud Parast Ep 21

By: Sheheryar Shahid

Khud Parast, a serial different than its contemporaries, elucidates a story that blends up many elements like self-obsession, jealousy, hatred and greed, communicated through a central character Uswa (Ramsha Khan). The episode shows some further advancements in the story by introducing some new conflicts subtly.


Sadia (Faiza Gilani) and Umar (Amir Qureshi) come to visit and console Uswa after her iddat, but she behaves arrogantly and even Zarina (Sajida Shah) insults them and asks them to get out of the house. Afterward, Adeel proposes Uswa indirectly, on which Uswa brings to his knowledge that how much she gets irritated by the word love or marriage and eventually cannot love anyone. However, Adeel informs his parents about his desire to marry Uswa and asks them to participate, on which his father gets angry. On the other hand, Zoya (Sabahat Adil) threatens Zarina to get Uswa married with Adeel, otherwise, she won’t let both of them stay at her house. She, hence, tries to pursue Uswa who doesn’t want to tie the knot and when she comes to know the truth regarding house ownership, she loses her temper and fights with her mother.


The episode despite being very predictable manages to entertain you. It has some very fascinating points in it like, the confrontation between Faiza and Sabahat, the evil faces they make are totally worth it and hence justify their roles. Nosheen Shah is wasted in the role of Beenish and appears as a poor woman going through hard times. I think Radain Shah, being a writer must work on it and create something fresh. The drama is basically on Ramsha’s shoulders and she is doing really well but could do better. The plot is moving towards some major alterations through Adeel’s character that is definitely going it give birth to a new conflict soon. Moreover, Moeez (Hassan Ahmed) is also about to remarry against her mother’s wish, so something new and exciting could be expected in the next episode.