ARY Digital – Cheekh Ep 6

By: Sarmad Hayat

Wow! ARY Digital’s drama serial Cheekh has been delivering more than we expected. The strong storyline, perfect execution, and the brilliant performances, in short, it has everything to keep the viewers on the edges of their seats. The last opened up the mystery and moved the story to its next phase.


The police officer told Mannat (Saba Qamar) that Wajih was the culprit but she was investigating on her own as obviously, she couldn’t take his words as the only evidence. She searched Wajih’s (Bilal Abbas) room and found his Sherwani with a torn front pocket which confirmed all her doubts. Wajih put the seal by confessing everything and the flashback showed how it happened.


Wajih was actually the spoilt brat who tried to approach Nayab (Ushna Shah) for his wrong intentions. He thought Nayab would be like the other girls who never said no to him but she refused him and even ridiculed him at which Wajih lost his mind. He couldn’t let her go because of the fear of exposing in front of everyone so he pushed her from the first floor.


Mannat couldn’t believe what she heard and the way she reacted showed how disgusted she felt. She immediately left and told everything to her mother who suggested to stay quiet and even apologize to Wajih. The way Wajih was fearless even during the confession and how his friends supported him shows that it wouldn’t be easy for Mannat to fight against him as everyone would be by his side.


The episode couldn’t be any better and the performances were beyond expectations. Saba Qamar is the brilliant actor and such kind of extraordinary performance is expected from her but Bilal Abbas deserves a standing ovation for his fearless body language and the flawless facial expression. Ushna Shah perfectly depicted the helpless girl whose trust was shattered leaving her in a shock.


Let’s wait for the next episode to see Mannat’s battle now.