A-Plus - Dil e Bereham Ep 5

By: Sheheryar Shahid

The romantic thriller series leaves us curious through another epic episode. The best thing that makes this series distinctive is its storyline, it explores the family issues on a whole new level. Moreover, slow pace direction and smooth performances make the serial even more electric and charismatic.
Aleena (Mariyum Nafees)’s marriage gets fixed and Aiza (Amar Khan), with her mother’s support, vows to convert all her happiness into woes. Afterward, Aiza, in order to ruin everything, manipulates Dadi (Samina Ahmad) to stop Aleena's engagement. Tabish doesn’t like Aiza to spend her time with Dadi and asks her to stop and brace herself by quoting the last incident. Whereas, Tahira (Irsa Ghazal) asks the nurse to spy on the conversation between Dadi and Aiza and offers a handsome amount in return. Moreover, Aiza seeks an apology from Tabish and agrees to maintain a distance from the old woman.
This episode elucidates substantial advancements in the main plot and even, manages well by organizing fresh subplots. The perfect point about the play is effective communication; director Ali Raza Usama knows how to keep the narrative at a slow pace and delivering the maximum content on an optimum basis simultaneously. The finest sequence in the episode was Irsa and Amar’s confrontation; it displayed a conflict between the skills of two competent actresses. The storyline is fetching, unique and has been intelligently treated; every scene makes sense and every scene has relevance which is an utmost significant point. 
As far as the performances are concerned, well, this drama serial already contains an ensemble cast and each one of the actors perform awe-inspiringly. However, Irsa Ghazal deserves a special mention; she actually startles us through mind-blowing expressions and sublime character portrayal altogether. Amar Khan is focused, apart from being a bit shaky in her dialogue delivery, manages to be impactful. Wahaj Ali is resonating while Samina Ahmad’s presence in the play is like a marshmallow topping on the chocolate meal. I feel Behroz Sabzwari’s character needs more attention and the director must develop its more scope. Besides, full marks must be given to the technical department i.e. camerawork, background score, lighting effects, every single thing is right on dots. This drama is an epitome of perfection and makes us go wow in every single episode thus raising our interest bars.